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JoC et al. is a London based boutique store that was founded by Nigerian born single mother of 4 Comfort Itiola. Initially created by her, it was the extra imagination and creative flair of her daughter Anna that further grew the business into what it is today.

Born and brought up in London, Anna attended Goldsmiths University to do her first degree in, and then later Cambridge University to do her Masters in Teaching. Everyone here recognizes that JoC et al. would only exist with the support of others and her community, hence the et al. addition (meaning and others).

The eye for unique designs has been in in the Comfort family; as Anna's grandmother and mother are jewellery designers and makers, both in Africa and in the U.K.
The jewellery and scarves are unique in design, tailor-hand made by a selection of designers who painstakingly spend time developing each product. The bags too have been carefully selected here in the UK.

JoC et al. tend to stock only one or two of each item; this means that you will be uniquely accessorized. Therefore, we recommend that customers quickly buy when they see what they like, to avoid disappointment; as we cannot guarantee that once an item is sold, it would be made again.

Please see Our Journey to find out more about us, and our excellent contributors.