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3 Ways To Make Jewekry

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Written by Friday, 03 March 2017 14:33;
Published in Blog;

With a little time, effort, and skill you can use a variety of tools and materials to make jewelry. You can use these skills to start a business or make necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings for personal use. Over the course of the next month we will be providing you with 3 tips to follow to get you on your designing path. Here is tip 1:


Get ideas. When designing your own jewelry, you will first want to get ideas. This will help you to think about which design aspects are most important to you and what will best fit your needs.

.Look at your collection. Look at your own jewelry, purchased or made by others. You can recreate or take ideas from aspects of pieces you already own and like. Maybe you like a particular type of bead or clasp or color combination. You will also want to look at your own collection to assess if there is a type of jewelry that you might need. Look for holes in your collection, such as a lack of casual pieces for everyday use, and think about what you can make to fill that need.

.Look at stores. Go to stores that specialize in jewelry, like Claire’s, or larger stores with jewelry departments, like Macy’s, to get ideas about what you might want to make. The wide selection in stores like these will allow you to get more ideas, as well as helping you stay at the front of fashion trends.

.Look at others. You can look at the jewelry your friends have, what you see in magazines and the internet, and what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Think about what you like about their jewelry and what pieces you really wish you had for yourself.

.Look at vintage pieces. In looking at vintage pieces and the history of jewelry, you can see a large number of styles very easily. Examine what aspects of the vintage pieces you like to get ideas for design elements you would like to emulate.


Stay tuned for the next tip coming in the next few weeks.


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