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More Jewelry Making Tips

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Written by Thursday, 29 March 2018 20:51;
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Get clasps. There are many different types of claps. You will have to choose what is best for your project, based on what type of jewelry it is as well as the size and weight of the string and beads. Clasps can also be chosen for aesthetic appeal or they can be left simple and downplayed.

Lobster clasp. The most common clasp for necklaces and bracelets in recent years, the lobster clasp is fairly strong and easy to use.

Toggle. Toggles are good for a more streamlined, modern look. They are especially appropriate for pieces with a chunky appearance. These are simple clasps which are easy to use but less secure than some others.

Barrel clasp. This is a very secure clasp which consists of two tube shapes pieces which screw together. It is best used on necklaces, however, as there is a certain level of dexterity involved in closing it.

Hook and eye. A simple clasp and one easily made yourself with the proper tools, the hook and eye consists of a hook and loop. This is less secure and best used on heavy necklaces which have the weight to hold the clasp closed.


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